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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gully Washer

Today we had an expected 20% chance of rain and that was a big fat lie. I want a job that I can be constantly wrong.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Listen up peeps

Models, when you are building your portfolio, its important to know what type of model category or categories you fit into. Your port should reflect the type of jobs you will actually book when you're working.

If you have bikini model measurements but you're doing photo shoots with couture clothing and poses, you are really just wasting your time, if you actually want to work in the industry. (If you're just modeling for fun, this is not directed at you.)

An agency will look at your photos and look at your measurements and say INCONGRUENT! Be informed. Know where you fit.

Model Measurement Categories

1. Female Bikini
Bust 36 B-D
Waist 24-26
Hip 36
Height approx 5'5"-5'8"
Notes: physically fit, well proportioned

2. High Fashion Female
Bust 32-36 A-B
Waist 22-26
Hip 33-35
Height 5'9"-6'0"
Notes: very thin, with great posture

3. Catalogue Female
Bust 32-34 A-C
Waist 24-26
Hip 33-35
Height 5'8"-5'10"
Notes: petite

4. Lingerie Model
Bust 32-35 C
Waist 22-26
Hip 33-35
Height 5'7"-6'0"
Note: shapely, well-toned, feminine

5. Full-Figured Model
Height: 5'9" - 6'0"
Size: approx 10 plus
Notes: proportional figure, shapely legs

5. High Fashion Male
Chest 36-40
Waist 28-32
Height 6'0"-6'2"
Notes: well-toned, not overly muscular

6. Fitness Male/Female
Notes: Fitness modelling centres on displaying an athletic physique. Fitness models usually have defined muscles like bodybuilders, but with less emphasis on muscle size. Their body weight is usually similar to (or heavier than) fashion models, but they have a lower body fat percentage due to increased muscle mass relative to fat mass.