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Friday, March 16, 2012


Today class we are going to learn how to do a "2 color rag" faux finish.
1st apply your base coat.
2nd mix your glaze. This is done to preference. Most people will say a 4 to 1 ratio, (4 parts glaze to one part paint) or a 50/50 mix. I say play with them both to see what you like better.  A 4 to 1 well give a more transparent layered look and is better if building multiple colors. A 50/50 will give a heavy vintage feel but you need to work it a lot more. This is usually for the more experienced.
3rd get a good sized rag and get it wet. Make sure to ring out all the water. Ball it in your hand and make sure it bunches up. The more bunches the better.
4th dip rag into glaze scrape most of the paint on the inner lip to remove excess, and pat surface. This technique is hard to describe. You want to pat the surface rapidly with small strokes. Pretend you're a drummer keeping a 2 beat per second ratio. Keep your hand moving and make sure to twist as well. (your hand, not your waist) Work in about a 2 foot square at a time. Glaze dries fast so step back to look at your area from time to time.
5th after glaze dries mix your metallic or 2nd color slightly thinner then the first glaze. If going metallic move fast and keep rag heavily saturated.
And there you have it you are now on your way to being a professional faux finisher.

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