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Monday, January 16, 2012


Ok I gotta tell you a little story on this one so you'll understand why as soon as I saw this I knew this was the pic for today.
As many of y'all know my father has a paint company that my brother and I work for. (we now own it) A long long long time ago Alex, my brother, was helping our dad power wash a house. As Alex helped load the machine back in the truck he forgot the rig was hot and put his hand on the muffler and got such a good burn you could see all the cooling holes for the muffler. He was in some pain but was ok and luckily suffered no permanent damage. So every time I see a muffler with a lot of cooling holes or design I think of how lucky he was that day. Maybe if this design had been on our rig he wouldn't have got burned that day lol. This one's for you bro, an Alex proof muffler.

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