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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Ok so this is the table next to my chair that I watch TV from. If you notice there are a lot of electronic devises here lol. First there is aPS3 remote. I don't play my PS3 a lot but when I do it's God of War. Then there is my xbox 360 remote with the qwerty keypad attachment. My xbox is my main source of entertainment. We watch Netflix a lot, zune movies, and yes play games as well (Fable) The little remote goes to my Roku. Another device we use to watch Netflix, Amazon TV, UFC, CHOW, & play angry birds. My awesome over the ear headphones are here as well so that I have easy access to them for when I'm on my Mac. The remote to my Sony bravia is there so that I can easily switch between all my other devices. If you look closely you'll also see my Ego and juice, I'll explain in another blog, my vaping supplies. Last but not least some planters mixed peanuts. Just in case I need a snack lol. You'll find this table looks about like this every night, unless Desi is in a crazy cleaning mood.
So that's it for tonight. Tune in tomorrow to see what I post next.

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