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Sunday, February 26, 2012


This is Carl Bounds. Tonight we will be observing the elusive mating rituals here at Big Texas.
First he drinks these strange elixirs called "beers" and another strange concoction called "shots"
He peruses the dance floor looking for his prey. After spotting one out he observes from a safe distance to insure that she is up to his standards and is indeed "available" He makes his move and pounces on her with the pre courtship ritual of asking for a "dance". After dancing with 3 girls he has failed to secure an acceptable girl. He passes a small flock or "group" of women. This could be a dangerous situation. Usually a group of girls will "cock block" any male attempting to court any in their flock. He makes his move anyway, the night is getting late and he's struck out 3 times already. He bravely moves in to make his move and....... Success! He dances with her and moves on to "small talk" and even "chit chatting". Unable to close the deal before closing he does succeed in attaining ten symbols called "numbers" from her in the form of a "phone number". Happy with this partial score he retreats for the night to hunt another day. 

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