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Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm so sorry I didn't post this last night. I went to get a game yesterday because I had some gift cards that were dying to be spent. I had my good friend Carl with me and before I knew it he's coming up to me with a bag saying "Ok I got it let's go" So I'm thinking he got himself a game. I didn't see anything I couldn't live without so we left. Then outside the store Carl says he for the game for me, it was The Elder Scrolls 5 SKYRIM. I've never played any of this series and I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I smiled and accepted. I started this game last night and man I'm hooked. It was awesome I can tell it's not going to be a short game. It took me a little over three hrs just to complete my first quest. I'm now a level 6 Imperial and my one handed weapon skills are growing fast, as are my magic skills. I think I'm going to enjoy this game a lot. Thanks Carl. You are a good friend.

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