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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Ok there might be a shameless plug here, but it's my blog so I'm going with it.
This is a pic of my favorite ring. It's a crown of thorns, and yes I had it blessed. For those of y'all that know me I'm a big guy. Big guy means big jewelry, so that's why I don't wear a lot of it. Big jewelry means one of two things, expensive or they don't make it in my size. This ring, for instance, is a size 15. My neck is 19 1/2" so my necklaces run from 24-30" just to feel right. My bracelet size is 9" and as surprising as it is, not a lot in that department either. So now that talk have my measurements, please feel free to shower my with lavish jewelery.
Oh, and yes that is my business card. I got it from They're awesome, expensive but awesome. They make a gorgeous cards and people take notice when I hand them out. These are their mini cards. I use these cards mainly to hand out to models. They're easier for them to conceal, tuck in their bra or some other hiding place, they never seam to have pockets.

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