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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My father grew up in Rockport TX, well really in Aransass Pass. Rockport a great town. I love that place, but you either work or have people work for you. It's a hard place to come up from nothing and make it big. He is one of the few that has. When he was younger he was a captain of a gulf shrimp boat, The Captain ART and the Jan-Del and Alex. I grew up on seafood because of this. I grew up with a love of ocean most of all because of this. My father used to take me on trips with him when he went out shrimping. Some of my best memories are from that time. I've been in and out of fish houses and net shops. I've met some of the saltiest dogs you'll ever meet. He made his money, my father, and was able to see the market was not going to last. Today he owns a well respected, successful paint company. We still have strong ties to the shrimping industry, and more stories that I could tell. I love the sea because of my father.

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